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Nintendo Share Value falls after the debut of Super Mario Run

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After the release of Super Mario Run, yesterday on December 15, Nintendo shares fell 5% which reduced the market value of the company and stood at $1.1 billion. However, as the day closed, Nintendo had a slight increase, to stand at an overall decrease of 4%.

The curious behavior of the stock market is that Super Mario Run debuted as the No. 1 application in the section of free downloads for Apple. In addition, according to analysts, the application for smartphones is expected to get 30 million downloads and $60 million in just one month.

One of the main factors that is speculated by the investors that are suspicious is the business model of this application. Although the application is free to download, access to all its contents will cost $10 USD actually, otherwise the game is limited to only 3 short levels.

In addition, Super Mario Run could not debut simultaneously on Android, which currently can only be located on mobile devices with the iOS operating system. According to statements by Nintendo, Super Mario Run will come next year to Android.

Another feature that has generated some controversy is that Super Mario Run needs to be 100% connected to the Internet, which restricts for many users when and where to play, something certainly contradictory to the nature of mobile devices, which can take place anywhere.

DeNA shares, the company that is developing this game in collaboration with Nintendo, also suffered downward movements in the stock market. At the end of the day yesterday, after the release of Super Mario Run, the company recorded a decline in its shares upto 6%.

Nintendo had previously had a fall in its shares when Nintendo Switch was revealed, its next gaming platform. At that time it was estimated that investors were nervous about the actual capacity of the system to reach wider audiences.