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Nintendo renews Eternal Darkness Trademark again

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Nintendo has filed an application to renew the trademark of Eternal Darkness, the classic GameCube game developed by Silicon Knights for the Japanese company and that was a unique commitment within the horror genre through the madness meter of the characters and the effects trying to play with the user, like simulating an error that hung the game or the complete deletion of the game.

Nintendo has submitted a request to renew the trademark of Eternal Darkness game released on GameCube and was developed by Silicon Knights.

Although for years there has been speculation (or rather desired) about the return of the game with a new release or remake, the rumors after this renewal of the trademark aim more to the Virtual Console of games of GameCube which could be incorporated into the digital store for the future Nintendo Switch.

For now it has not really been confirmed what will be the digital policy and classic games of Nintendo with its new console, but we hope that specific details will be offered at the official presentation scheduled for January.

The renewal of the trademark of Eternal Darkness has been processed through the trademark office and American patents. The request was made on 20 December, but has now transpired to be made public on the online system.

Of course, it should not be ruled out that, simply, a legal process to retain the trademark and prevent the title or any of the elements associated with it cease to be owned by the company.