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Nintendo registers Trademark for ARMS, Eternal Darkness, Excite Truck, Snipperclips, struggles with Super Mario Odyssey

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Nintendo has renewed in recent days trademarks of Excite Truck and Eternal Darkness at the US Patent Office (United States Patent and Trademark Office), at the same time, however, reports a problem that arose with the registration of the name Super Mario Odyssey.

Nintendo has renewed the trademarks of Eternal Darkness and Excite Truck at the patent office of the United States, but it was reported that there was problem with the registration of Super Mario Odyssey.

The USPTO has frozen the practices relating to the patent of Super Mario Odyssey as it recorded a short distance of release that of Super Mario Run, a problem related to the bureaucratic procedures of the trademark registration system which should be resolved soon, and that will not cause any delay in the production of the game.

Such incidents in similar brands across a range of products are relatively common and respond to the desire to prevent third-party ownership of popular names from other companies. It can be useful to mere procedures not to lose the rights to the names or trademarks.

Nintendo then has also registered trademarks of Arms and Snipperclips in the United States. We reiterate, in any case, as such the renewal of rights to trademarks did not witness the fact that there are new episodes of Excite Truck and Eternal Darkness.