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Nintendo Publishes A Mysterious Tweet, Game Companies React To It

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The first day of this year began with a strong rumor: Nintendo would conduct a Direct on Thursday, January 11. There are a few hours left until the deadline, so it would be strange for the company to carry out a transmission today. However, it seems that Nintendo is bringing something … or maybe it is just trolling its fans.

This Wednesday, at noon, Nintendo published an enigmatic image on Twitter, where we can see a character on fire. The publication does not have any description, but it was enough to lift the spirits of the fans, who are hungry for new announcements.

Since the rumor last week, players are crying out for a new Nintendo Direct. Unfortunately, during the rest of the day, the account did not publish more information, but the situation was just starting to get out of hand.

In addition, the accounts of Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man responded to the Nintendo tweet with some of its characters in flames. Capcom and SEGA are close to Nintendo, so it would not be uncommon for them to announce games for the hybrid console soon. Some fans hope that this means that the revelation of Super Smash Bros. for Switch is approaching, but there is also the possibility that everything is a simple coexistence on Twitter.

Later came the accounts of DOOM and Assassin’s Creed to this meaningless party. In the same way, they published images in flames. The most interesting, however, comes from the account of Ubisoft, because it placed a character of Assassin’s Creed: Origins, which generated more uncertainty among the fans.

Other companies that interacted with Nintendo were Riot Games and Obsidian Entertainment, which placed an image of a League of Legends champion and a Dungeon Siege III character respectively. Does this mean something? Are they related to possible announcements for Nintendo Switch? We have no idea what is happening here.

On the other hand, there are those who believe that all this is a wave of trolls between companies. Some fans did not hesitate to put images to make fun of the situation.

In the last weeks a good number of rumors related to Nintendo have arisen. At the end of December information began to circulate that ensured that Pokémon for Switch will focus on a conflict between tradition and innovation, with scenarios inspired by Europe. Later, some sites began to speculate with the arrival of The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds on Switch. The truth is that so far there is no official information about it, so it would be best to wait for official announcements.

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Do you think there will soon be a Nintendo Direct with big announcements? Leave your opinion in the comments below.