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Nintendo President Is Already Thinking About The Next Console

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Although Nintendo Switch debuted recently and has been a success in several parts of the world, the reality is that Nintendo still does not rest on its new hardware. As a proof of this, the company is already planning its next console.

In a recent interview with Asahi Shimbun, Tatsumi Kimishima, the president of Nintendo, revealed the above. In the interview, he did not give many details, since he only pointed out that he is “thinking” about its next console. So, we do not know if Kimishima means that they have started planning for a Switch revision or a completely new console.

Before continuing, it is important to mention that this practice is nothing out of the ordinary. For example, the house of Kyoto began planning Switch shortly after the launch of Wii U. In this way, what Kimishima meant by these statements is that his intention is to continue launching consoles for a while.

That’s not all since in the interview, Kimishima also pointed out that they have plans to offer new gameplay experiences that take advantage of the HD Rumble and the motion detection camera of the Joy-Con. It is expected that some of the titles that use these features will arrive sometime in 2018.

In other news, Kimishima recently commented that Nintendo’s goal is to sell 20 million Switch units in the 2018 fiscal year. Although it is hard to believe, this figure is not completely outlandish, since it sold more than 10 million units in less than 1 year, after months of scarcity problems.

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