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Nintendo patent suggests a strange NX controller

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The discovery of patents owned by Nintendo multiplies in recent weeks, and all refers potentially in preparation for the future console: NX.

Nintendo confirmed that its next gaming console, NX, is a hybrid machine that wants to break with the image of the Wii U. A machine which is sometimes difficult to identify the contours, but which could hide before our eyes from the many patents filed by the brand.

Nintendo Screen Controller Patent
Nintendo Screen Controller Patent

A new patent was recently discovered and calls the sphere of players. There is shown a handle covered with a touchscreen and containing a card reader. The joystick controls could offer both physical and tactile commands.

The shape of the handle is more than the traditional GamePad of Wii U, with two directional sticks, some buttons, triggers, but its surface is realized in an LCD, or OLED. This screen can even display 3D content like the 3DS does, and therefore without the need for glasses.

The screen that would fit well with the other controls may provide access to additional features: Secondary new touchscreen or optional controls. Nintendo could use such, for example, to show the games of data: points, ammo, map, etc; and thus provide a more refined display on the main screen.

Nintendo NX
Nintendo NX

The handle is equipped with a slot to accommodate cards that you do not know the nature, it would also be equipped with a loudspeaker. Could the controller become a full-fledged handheld console? The mystery remains.

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