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Nintendo NX officially revealed as Nintendo Switch, new Trailer of the Hybrid device released

Finally! This is what we can say discovering the new Nintendo console, the Switch! A year and a half after its official announcement, the project was kept warm until today October 20, 2016.

Nintendo finally ended nearly 20 months of waiting and wild rumors. In a short video of 3 minutes and 37 seconds, the Kyoto giant has unveiled its future console, the Nintendo Switch, previously codenamed NX.

In exactly three minutes, the Japanese manufacturer Nintendo unveiled the Switch, a console that has the distinction of being used both in the lounge and nomadic manner. You can also see several games in the trailer, showcasing Zelda, of course, but also a new Mario, Splatoon, eSports, playing multiplayer (on the same console or online), Skyrim HD, etc.

With Nintendo Switch, players can play in single-player and multiplayer sitting comfortably on their couch at home, but will also have the chance to play the same titles anywhere, anytime and with anyone willing. The portability of a handheld console is combined with the power of a home console for unprecedented freedom.

At home, Nintendo Switch connects to the TV via the foundation for Nintendo Switch, which allows you to have fun with friends and family in the comfort of your living room. By taking out Nintendo Switch from the base, the console will immediately go into portable mode and allows, thanks to the its bright, high-definition screen, to bring the exact same gaming experience, whether you are at the park, on the train, in a friend’s car or home.

A joystick, similar to that of the first Xbox, is also visible, while the console and its base features a non-black glossy finishing.

The release of Nintendo Switch is scheduled for March 2017.

Earlier before this news, new gameplay videos of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild have been unveiled.

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