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Nintendo NX could offer 4K Streaming, 4 Titles confirmed on Release

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New rumors have emerged about NX, the console of Nintendo whose launch is scheduled for March 2017, but the company still has not officially presented it. It is expected that the presentation of the system will occur in the autumn or in any case before the end of this year.

Nintendo NX Controller

These new rumors, partly ratifying the most insistent speculation, comes from the social website of Reddit where it was verified that the person providing the filtered  information works at a retail store.

Although he has been able to access information, most likely, Nintendo has already supplied to major retailers awaiting an official announcement that will occur in stores, and must take into consideration that verification only concerns the job of this person and, therefore, is the case of rumors and speculation.

As indicated in this leak, one of the most important phrases of advertising for the system will be “interact with the games on the go” and would have been seen on a poster. In the advertising of the console special emphasis will be placed on a new title of Mario, although it has not being given any additional information, so it is not known whether it was a new game, a relaunch, or which of the different playable proposals associated with the character it would be.

The shops will receive demonstration units in February, that is, about a month before the release of the console and it is expected to have a price in its most basic configuration of $299.99. There will be a pack, whose contents have not been detailed, it could be sold for $399.99. The analyst Michael Pachter believed that price would be too high, but did not consider a pack that could have different peripherals or games included.

It is also noted that there will be at least four games at launch. This could only be referring to titles from Nintendo itself.

It is indicated that the packaging will use a “clean and simple” design, with a slightly larger box than the current Wii U, using white and blue as colors. In addition, the packaging which claims to have been seen this source shows “NX” but there is still no indication for its final name: the images of the console were crossed out or smudged, so no specific details about the hardware design is given.

The information confirms some of the information that was indicated in other rumors: the console uses cartridges and not disks. As for image quality, it seems that the promotional materials will place special emphasis on 1080p resolution and 60 frames per second.

In that sense, this source could not be confirmed whether, as a portable, it will work with a resolution of 900p, as other rumors have indicated. Different rumors, on the other hand, have said that it would have a 6.2 inch screen and 720p resolution. In any case, this source indicates that the resolution of the hybrid component has not been confirmed.

However, it is completely surprising to find a reference to streaming of video in 4K, which would allow the console to playback content like Netflix in 4K resolution video quality. Since this would not be played on a disk reader to use cartridges, this ability to play videos would not be associated with the Blu-ray format and will be limited to video on demand services on the internet.