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Nintendo NX could have Customizable Control Options

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Today, a new story joins the incredible list of unofficial information of the Nintendo NX. On this occasion, the company updated its patent of control, which shows that the system would have interchangeable buttons.

Nintendo NX Customizable Control 1

The patent, originally published in 2014, was updated to this day, and show various configurations of control, which could be customized thanks to a modular design. For example, it would be possible to change the D-pad to the area of the buttons and vice versa.

If we remember, earlier reports mention that NX will have removable controls that will bind to a portable device through some kind of electronic connection.

The patent states that this is an accessory that can be attached to a portable device. Instead of using some kind of electronic connection to communicate, this accessory has an infrared camera that allows the device to know which buttons the player are pressing.

Nintendo NX Customizable Control 2

Nintendo NX Customizable Control 10

Nintendo NX Customizable Control 11

For the time being, and as it has happened in recent months, everything is just an unofficial information and designs that could have changed in the last months. So we must continue to wait until Nintendo decides to formally announce its console.

Nintendo NX will debut in March 2017, and some of the games currently officially announced for this system are The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Project Sonic 2017.