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Nintendo NX Controller could support Motion Control and Force Feedback: Rumor

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As usual, a new rumor about Nintendo NX has emerged, and this time it mentioned that the detachable controller of the console will feature advanced vibration and motion detection capabilities like the Wii Remote.

Nintendo NX Controller

According to a report of LetsPlayVideoGames, removable NX controllers have motion sensors similar to what we saw with the Wii Remote Plus. Furthermore, the website mentions that the controllers will have an “advanced vibration force feedback”, similar to that available in controllers of HTC Vive, ie, “alters intensity, pulsing patterns and duration of vibration to mimic the sensation of a range of different movement types”. If true, the feeling of hitting a ball would be different from wielding a sword, for instance.

Also, the source suggests that Nintendo intends to phase out the Wii Remote and replace it with the new removable control, although the old Wii accessory will continue to operate for some multiplayer titles. Apparently, Just Dance 2017 will be a launch title for NX to leverage this new controller scheme and the old Wii Remotes.

Official information about the NX is scarce, and we only know that it will debut sometime in March 2017. Some rumors suggest that the device will have customizable controllers and used cartridges.

We therefore have to wait to find out if the rumors will be confirmed or denied. Stay tuned with us to get all information about all future new features coming to Nintendo NX.