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Nintendo Loses Appeal Regarding Motion Control Patents

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Last August, Nintendo lost one appeal arising from a lawsuit filed by the company iLife Technologies Inc., which came into conflict with the Japanese company after considering that the motion control of Wii Remote violated their patents.

A jury in Dallas, Texas, concluded that, in effect, Nintendo had infringed the patents and decided that it must pay $10 million in damages to iLife. Obviously, Nintendo appealed the case but its first appeal was denied.

According to the reports, the appeal of Nintendo to dismiss the sentence handed down in August was rejected by the court. The Japanese company argued as a defense that the patent was invalid due to a more substantiated and written description, but the authority considered that this was not the case and concluded with the rejection of the appeal.

This does not mean that the case has ended because Nintendo still has other legal resources to try to reverse the sentence that involves the payment of $10 million to iLife Technologies.

In this way, the conflict between Nintendo and iLife Technologies is far from over after 4 years of legal disputes that began when iLife considered that the motion control technology used by Nintendo in the Wii Remote controls was the same as they had patented and that it was used in various products for the health sector.