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Nintendo launches Famicom Mini console for Japan


The Japanese gamers will get their own version of the Mini NES, we refer to the Nintendo Classic Mini Family Computer, a system that is more appropriate for the Asian region.


In the same way that of Western edition, the Famicom Mini is a smaller version of the classic 8-bit console, only instead of having the design of a NES, and has the structure of the legendary Famicom.

Like the Mini NES, it will connect to TVs via HDMI and will feature 30 different games already installed. Unlike the Western edition, the Famicom Mini will feature 2 controllers, to honor the original version.

Another difference between these systems are games. Obviously, the Famicom Mini version has titles entirely in Japanese, but also accompanied by some exclusive games. Check out the list below.

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1. Donkey Kong
2. Pac-Man
3. Excitebike
4. Balloon Fight
5. Ice Climber
6. Galaga
7. Yie Ar Kung-Fu
8. Super Mario Bros.
9. The Legend of Zelda
10. Atlantis no Nazo
11. Gradius
12. Makai Village
13. Solomon’s Key
14. Metroid
15. Castlevania
16. Adventure of Link
17. Bumping Sumo
18. Super Mario Bros. 3
19. Ninja Gaiden
20. Mega Man 2
21. River City Ransom
22. Double Dragon Ⅱ The Revenge
23. Super Tamashito Luo
24. Final Fantasy Ⅲ
25. Dr. Mario
26. Downtown Nekketsu March Soreyuke
27. Mario Open Golf
28. Super Mario USA (Super Mario Bros. 2)
29. Kirby’s Adventure

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Some games, like Final Fantasy III, were never available on the NES, however, there are titles like River City Ransom that are unique to the Japanese version, which we can not understand.

The Nintendo Classic Family Computer will be available on November 10 for ¥5980 JPY (approximately $60 USD).

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