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Top Nintendo Exec Revealed Why Cardboard Material Is Ideal For Labo

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Director, Managing Executive Officer Shinya Takahashi shed some light on Nintendo Labo and why the Big ‘N’ picked Cardboard as material for this innovative tool. When Labo was announced many were relating it to Google Cardboard but things were bit different here. Nintendo had showcased Labo as a pretty unique product that has never been seen before, a make-able and interactive tool that can be used with Switch to offer immersive gaming experience.

However, picking Cardboard as a material sounds familiar. During Corporate Management Briefing, Shinya Takahashi said that Nintendo had surely surprised a lot of people with Cardboard, but it is not that weird. It is something that many are familiar from a very young age. It is a tool to play and create objects.

He further added that Nintendo has always imagined a new way of playing. Labo is one of the many projects that are under development and it came out from an idea of integrating JoyCon into a kind of third party object. He also said that Cardboard is very suitable material for the trail-and-error process. Considering JoyCon as set of sensors, it can act as a kind of third-party object that can possibly sync and work with Labo offering players a very unique and immersive gaming experience.

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