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Nintendo Is Japan’s Richest Company Beating Sony


Many feared the worst a few years ago when they saw that Nintendo did not raise its head because of the failure which led to selling its Wii U console and had little support from third-party companies.

Despite this, the Japanese company put its best effort and learned from its mistakes, the result? An excellent quality product called Nintendo Switch accelerated the momentum of the company to equal the time of Wii and DS. To all this must be added the news that we just got a few minutes ago.

The Japanese publication Toyo Keizai has published a list of the 500 richest Japanese companies. In the first place, we find Nintendo, with 946 billion yen of liquidity, largest obtained in the last year thanks to the worldwide success of Switch.

Sony, the second video game company in the top positions, was placed in the fourth position. Obviously, Sony also has other businesses to consider, so a positive trend in the video game market could be counter-balanced by some decline in other sectors. After all, the fact that Nintendo deals mainly with video games makes its result even more impressive.

Undoubtedly, the company is in luck with the good sales results it is reaping not only with the Switch but with the 3DS or revisions of the classic NES or SNES. In addition and facing the Christmas period, the company expects to increase ostensibly the number of sales especially with the upcoming arrival in the market of Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

Do you think that Nintendo deserves this place in the ranking? Let us know about your opinion in the comments below.