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Nintendo Insider: New Information of Nintendo NX From “Major Sites” Coming Soon, Console Sounds Expensive

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The Nintendo Insider, Roges Emily, who is dedicated to filter information from the company, said via Twitter that “soon” there will be more news on NX that will arrive by means dedicated to gaming.

Nintendo Insider

“You will see some more NX reports coming out from other sites soon. Major sites. Not Nintendo fan sites,” Rogers said.

The insider also said that the system will be similar to Xbox One power, although this would be at a high price.

“When I say NX sounds expensive, I mean the gimmick sounds expensive. I stand by my report that this thing is closer to Xbox One specs,” she said. “And by gimmick, I’m talking more about NX’s form factor. So anyways, keep an eye out for reports coming this week, and the following weeks.”

Emily Rogers also said she would not give new rumors about NX, but maintained its view that AMD is not behind the NX’s GPU, because Nintendo will not be an x86 system.

Last month, Shigeru Miyamoto said at a meeting with investors who decided to maintain secrecy around the Nintendo E3 in NX 2016, because they were worried about imitators who could take advantage of early information of the system.

In addition, we know a new title that will reach NX apart from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, we refer to Project Sonic, a SEGA title to debut in late 2017.

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