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Nintendo Starts Hiring for the Next Legend of Zelda Possibly


A user of the ResetERA forum has discovered a particular job announcement on the Nintendo of Japan site through which the Kyoto house is looking for new professional figures to be included in the team that is dealing with the new episode of The Legend of Zelda, at the time not officially announced.

Specifically, the company is searching for a 3D CG Designer for the construction of dungeons and environments, specialized in typography and land construction. The experience requested is with candidates who know Photoshop and Maya, Japanese fluency and experience in developing high-end hardware.

Another announcement concerns a Level Designer specializing in the creation of in-game events and dungeons, also in this case requires Japanese fluency and in both cases the knowledge of the mechanics of the Legend of Zelda series.

Difficult to find out more at the moment, Eiji Aonuma has repeatedly made it clear that he has already started thinking about the new Zelda, but it is not easy to understand in what state of development the project is, considering the secrecy surrounding the Nintendo environment.

Surely the next Zelda will be destined to Switch, according to some rumor the output would be expected between 2020 and 2021. In any case, we are waiting for any official confirmations or denials from the publishers.


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