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Nintendo Hints at a New 2D Mario Title, Hiring for “New 2D & 3D Action Game”

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We get brief but interesting news from Nintendo. It is a new job offer. Apparently, the company is looking for Level Designers for two new games, of which we now show you all the details.

First, the Japanese company is looking for a Level Designer for a “New 2D Action Game” based in Kyoto and applications for the same can be made here. These are the data that has been shared:

The position is for an initial probationary period of three months with contract renewal.
The salary is approximately 4.7 million yen ($44k) for 5 years of work experience, 5.5 million yen for 10 years of work experience ($51.5k) and 6.8 million yen for 15 years ($63.5k).

In the case of the first, the image that is selected as a presentation shows a collection of 2D Nintendo games that were dedicated to the famous Mario Games. So, it could be possible that Nintendo is teasing a New 2D Mario Title coming soon.

In the second case, Nintendo is also looking for a Level Designer for a “New 3D Action Game” based in Kyoto. Interested candidates can apply here.

At the moment it is everything that has been shared, but we will be attentive to inform you if any other detail is revealed.

What do you think? What games do you think it will be? Let us know in the comments!