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Nintendo Hiring Dungeon Designers for Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Sequel

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It is not an official confirmation by Nintendo, but of course, everything indicates that it will be like that. We are referring to the fact that the Zelda: Breath of the Wild sequel could give much more importance to the dungeons.

Not only because of what we saw in the trailer shown in the past E3 2019, where Link and Zelda were exploring a dungeon in the form of an underground ruin, because that could be a simple anecdote. Rather with the job listings that Nintendo has recently published. All of them, referring to a list that could indicate the importance of the dungeons.

In fact, although the lists are composed, generally, by standard information, the descriptions of each of the job listings do reveal information about this Zelda: Breath of the Wild sequel.

For example, the position offered to the land designer, who will be in charge of the “field dungeons”. Or the level designer, who will work on the “event/dungeon/field planning”. All without forgetting the position where it offers help to create and adjust enemies of all kinds. Remember that the latter is important, considering that in the original game, the cast of monsters was rather limited.

In fact, in the first Breath of the Wild, many dungeons were only optional. And it’s hard to think, with the jobs listed the sequel will do the same. Especially since, in the original, the remaining mandatory dungeons used to be more numerous but also shorter than in other Zelda games.

How would these missions be integrated into the sequel? Well, according to one of the jobs described above, the dungeons would be accessed through the field/open world. By the way, the job could also indicate that there will be no recycling of dungeons, although that is more an assumption than anything else.

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