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Nintendo Hints Super Mario Sunshine Remake Is Coming to Switch

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Super Mario Sunshine, one of the most emblematic games of more than a decade ago, was unearthed thanks to a tweet from the official account of Nintendo of America that unleashed the emotion of hundreds of followers by giving a pretty obvious nod:

And if we remember the story of the plumber in this game released in 2002, Mario, the princess and a group of young Toads take a summer vacation to rest from the rescue adventures. It is on the plane when Princess Peach notices a shadow identical to the plumber and wants to alert everyone, however, none of them pay attention because they were struck with the attractions of the Dolphin Island.

Once on the island, Mario is arrested upon landing and is committed to cleaning the Dolphin Island. They point out that there is a criminal identical to him and that strange darkness discourages dolphins since the Suns (Shines), which feed life, were stolen.

Now it is Mario’s turn and a water robot, your main ally, to answer for the crimes committed by his antithesis known as Shadow Mario or to rescue the Princess, clean the island of toxic paint and return the Shines to their original site.

Back to the news, we believe that Nintendo’s tweet means a lot about that game that changed Mario’s concept in gameplay and story development. Will it be a remaster or a second title?

Although the tweet mentions the word “Odyssey”, another installment of Mario, we are going to make it more distracting, since both for the remake and a second installment, it has been a short time since its premiere (2017).

Do you think Nintendo is giving us a clue for Super Mario Sunshine? Would you like to play it on your Switch console? Tell us in the comments below.