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Nintendo Gives A Free Switch Console & Super Mario Maker 2 Copy to Southwest Airlines Passengers

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Nintendo Switch is the console of the moment, especially in the United States, a market that has surrendered to the charm of Nintendo and no wonder, because Nintendo of America has been responsible for promoting the hybrid console and its games in the most creative ways, practically taking the experience to the hands of the fans. Hence, you can expect a surprise from the company at any time, as happened with the passengers on a flight, who received an impressive gift.

According to reports by IGN, all passengers on the Southwest Airlines flight that yesterday went from Dallas to San Diego received a gift of Nintendo Switch, along with a copy of Super Mario Maker 2. Yes, as you are reading it, according to the testimonies of some passengers, among whom were media personalities en route to San Diego Comic-with 2019, after boarding the plane and preparing for takeoff, the personnel of the airline went to their seats to give them a gift in the name of Nintendo and Southwest Airlines.

Interestingly, some passengers thought it was a promotion for the game of Switch, they could play a special level designed by the airline, which would only make the trip more enjoyable, however, they were surprised to realize that they were already owners of the hybrid console. Nintendo of America has taken advantage of the popularity of the console by launching different promotion strategies, which have been highlighted by the approach the company has had for the players.

Super Mario Maker 2 is now available for Switch and in this link you will find all the information related to the title.