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Nintendo Affirms That Its First-Party Games Will Not Be Cross-Platform

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Now that some companies have opened up to participate in the cross-platform and cross-play, proposals and requests have emerged for important titles to integrate this type of shared experience. Obviously, the sight of many fans is fixed in Nintendo games based on the multiplayer and given the current trends, the company was questioned about the possibility of participating with one of its IP.

During the session of questions and answers made to investors of the company, Shuntaro Furukawa, president of Nintendo, was questioned regarding cross-play and cross-platform and the possibility that at some point games like Mario Kart or Super Smash Bros. will arrive to other platforms, just like today with Fortnite.

In this regard, Furukawa responded with the following statement: “If publishers want to release cross-platform titles, and doing so would make consumers happy, then as long as it is technically feasible, we would want to support them. That said, we have absolutely no plans to offer any Nintendo games as cross-platform titles at this time.”

In this way, it is clear that Nintendo maintains its position around the arrival of important games to platforms other than those of the company. Taking into account their flexibility in terms of mobiles the story may be different, but with respect to their huge titles, it seems that we are far from that happening or, probably, never.


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