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Nintendo Files Patent Related To A Game Boy Case for Mobile

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It is a fact that within all the retro trend that is experienced today, Nintendo has been the most enthusiastic company, bringing back its glory times with dedicated hardware, such as their consoles NES and SNES Classic Edition and with the newly initiated service of Switch online, which allows you to play classic NES titles. That’s why any trademark or patent filed on the part of the company gives something to talk about and a recent discovery revealed that the company registered a housing for mobile devices with design and functions of Game Boy.

An investigation of Siliconera discovered that Nintendo filed a patent in the United States in March of this year related to a housing with Game Boy design that could be used in mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, although the information only refers to its use in electronic devices.

That said, the patent registered by Nintendo presents the design of a housing that covers the electronic device and in the part that corresponds with the screen which is superimposed with a front panel similar to the original Game Boy, including buttons. On the back side of the panel are the pieces that make contact with the screen of the electronic device, if you have opened some control of video games or even TV, you will know what we are talking about.

The images that accompany the patent registration show that when the casing is placed in the device, it will remain with the appearance of an original Game Boy, although the design respects the position of the rear and front cameras, as well as the apertures of the Horn.

Obviously, the information has led fans to think that Nintendo’s offer in terms of Game Boy could come hand in hand with a platform for mobile devices and not through a Game Boy Classic, as suggested by the registration of a brand related to the successful portable console of the Japanese company.

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