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Nintendo Files A Multimillion-Dollar Lawsuit Against RomUniverse Website

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Nintendo of America filed a lawsuit against the owner of the RomUniverse ROM archives website on September 10. The company claims the amount of $150,000 for each copyright infringement and $2 million for each license or trademark infringement. As confirmed by the company, the games shown and hacked on that website have harmed the company, as well as the image of its characters and series with illicit motives.

RomUniverse is one of the best-known websites for illegal downloads. The website has hundreds of thousands of registered users, many of whom pay a subscription of $30 per year to download an unlimited number of hacked video games through a special bandwidth, a fact that Nintendo would have supported to arm its demand to the domain created and those responsible for this portal. “among the most visited and notorious online hubs for pirated Nintendo video games,” says the company.

According to the figures that Nintendo’s legal representation has handled, more than 300,000 copies of video games other than Nintendo Switch and more than 500,000 titles for Nintendo 3DS would have been downloaded. They are not the only affected consoles of the company. The ROM website has a huge catalog of classic games from other Nintendo machines, as well as other systems, and also offers access to books, comics, series and varied movies.

Nintendo is one of the companies that takes copyright infringement or piracy in video games more seriously. The company has closed several websites and similar sites in the past, and justice has ruled in its favor on numerous occasions. Its surveillance against piracy led it to close hundreds of YouTube channels that used music from its games without permission or made remixes of classic sagas themes like Mario or Zelda.

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In recent news, it won a case in the United Kingdom that has led the main internet and cable operators to veto websites that hack Nintendo games, preventing access and user traffic to those domains.


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