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Nintendo Explains Why DLC Has Been A Good Fit for Switch

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Although the DLC has become a constant in most of the titles, Nintendo has adopted the delivery of additional content in its own way and obviously Switch is no stranger to this situation, however, the company believes that the console and its features are suitable to carry content after the launch of a game. This is according to Shinya Takahashi, who spoke on the subject in a recent interview.

Shynia Takahashi, the General Manager of the Entertainment Planning and Development Division of Nintendo, told IGN that Switch has been very well suited to the delivery of DLC in some of its titles, especially because of its portability-focused features.

In that sense, the manager mentioned: “I think that titles that you download when you purchase have a very good compatibility with the idea of additional content. I believe the Nintendo Switch, compared to most of our recent hardware, makes some of the best use of the ability to download titles in their entirety since it’s a console that you can also carry as a portable.”

On the other hand, the director of Nintendo also spoke of the aesthetic potential of Joy-Con controls, especially after noticing the success of Switch in the market and the heterogeneous nature of its audience, which could result in new designs and colors in the future: “One of the great strengths of the Nintendo Switch is that though you can play it as a console, you can also separate these two controllers from the hardware. This gives us a lot of possibilities that we could consider for the future in terms of what you could attach. I think that that would be a really good time for us to think about some very different colors or designs applied to [Joy-Cons]. That might be interesting.”

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Nintendo Switch is breaking records in Japan, where it already exceeded the initial sales of PS2.