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Nintendo Confirms That They Are ‘Experimenting’ With Virtual Reality

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Nintendo itself is already “studying” and “experimenting” with virtual reality for future games.

The news comes from Reggie Fils-Aimé, president of Nintendo of America, who participated in the GeekWire summit held this week in Seattle. In addition to dedicating a few words to the trajectory of Wii U, he has also talked about the company and its future.

According to the information, Fils-Aimé spoke briefly about Nintendo’s incursions with this technology, both with Virtual Boy and the functionality incorporated in Nintendo 3DS … before confirming that the company is experimenting with virtual reality.

“This is something we constantly think about, experiment with. For virtual reality, we’ve said: it’s tech that we’re looking at, but in the end it has to be fun,” says Fils-Aimé. “That’s our mission, and that is what we do arguably better than anyone else. We have nothing to announce here on this stage. These are going to be technologies that we’ll continue to experiment with. There are new experiences we want to bring to life.”

According to reports, it is possible that the company is waiting for virtual reality to settle in more homes before launching to bet on this system. What do you think about this news? Tell us in the comments below.