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[Update: Confirmed] Nintendo of Europe Still Refusing To Repair Drifting Joy-Con Controls Out of Warranty

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Update: On the ResetEra forums, a user has contacted the Nintendo of Europe to repair his Joy-Con, for which he was said that an out of warranty Joy-Con repair will cost £29-£35.

Original: Recent testimonies today confirm that Nintendo of Europe, apparently, has no intention of proceeding with the free repair of Joy-Con affected by drifting outside the guarantee.

We have not talked about it yet but the testimonies on the behavior of Nintendo of Europe in the face of the so-called Nintendo Switch Joy-Con drifting issue, or the impossibility of obtaining free repairs outside the warranty is still on-going.

The question of Joy-Con drifting issue has been analyzed in enough details previously and its diffusion is something quite worrying, but above all by online testimonials and cases also studied by different international newspapers.

In essence, it is an endemic problem as it is inherent with the internal mechanics of the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con, which tend to wear out due to contact between different materials and release of dust that settles inside the controllers, tricking the detection of the stick movement and, in fact, making false input.

The case is so widespread that it has led Nintendo of America to take action, deciding to make free repairs regarding the problem in question. Unfortunately, Nintendo of Europe does not seem to be of the same opinion: Nintendo’s European division has not issued any official communication on the matter and, when questioned by various users about the company’s policy, it seems to have clearly said that there is no official position on the matter of Joy-Con drifting.

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In fact, if the repair of the Joy-Con affected by this problem is required outside the warranty, you are still forced to pay, in this case about 45 euros for the procedure or 15 euros in the case of the only estimate in case you decide not to proceed with the repair, at least as reported by those who have experienced both cases.

Waiting for any clarification by Nintendo in Europe, therefore, it seems that the repair of the Joy-Con affected by drifting continues to be paid outside the USA.