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Nintendo Reveals its E3 2019 Plans & Direct on June 11


Nintendo has finally revealed its plans for E3 2019, the Los Angeles fair in which it participates both with its own conference, away from the organization, and with different tournaments and events during those days.

The Nintendo Direct, the most important thing without a doubt and the place where they will take the opportunity to focus on what their catalog will be for this year -as they have specified- will be on Tuesday, June 11 and in the morning.

It will not be the only thing. As usual, the Japanese company will also have its Treehouse Live space, which will give more details about the games presented during the Direct and will give new information on other projects that may have in hand. You can see it through the following link -not yet updated-, from June 11th.

Finally, and in keeping with tradition, Nintendo has organized two world championships with two of its most suitable games for that format: one from Splatoon 2 and another from Super Smash Bros Ultimate, both dated for June 8.

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