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Rumor: Next Nintendo Direct this April 11th

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Apparently, the next Nintendo Direct already has a fixed date and, as already revealed in the past by Gaming INTEL, will be held in April.

According to an indiscretion collected by Gaming INTEL, the next Nintendo Direct will take place on Thursday 11 April 2019.

Gaming INTEL is a site known for having excellent sources relating to the world of Nintendo and has already reported more than one rumor in the past, that is then proved to be correct. In the absence of confirmation from Nintendo, it is impossible to think of the date of 11 April 2019, however, it would be perfect for the schemes followed so far by Nintendo, in which we see many Direct published in the first half of the month and Thursday.

However, we are waiting for the official nature of the matter, because Nintendo’s plans may change at the last moment or because the source may not be as accurate as is believed (there is always the possibility of a mistake, when confidential information is communicated).

If the new Nintendo Direct is confirmed, it’s hard to say what to expect. New details on Super Mario Maker 2? The return of Bayonetta 3? Any more information on the Fire Emblem for Switch? Animal Crossing finally to be revealed? What would you like it to present? Tell us in the comments below.