Nintendo could run out of screens supplier for Switch

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Given the great demand of Switch worldwide, Nintendo promised to increase the production of the console. However, not everything has been easy for the company, as it had a dispute with Apple for important components used in the manufacture of Switch. Apparently, Nintendo will have to solve one more problem, as its only supplier of screens is about to go bankrupt.

This we tell you since Japan Display reported a significant loss during the last financial quarter. According to the reports, the company specialized in the manufacturing of screens lost about $282,074 USD. If the company wants to overcome this loss, it will have to associate with some Chinese or Taiwanese company and thus survive.

The financial blow will force Japan Display to lay off more than 3,700 people, or nearly 30% of its workers’ plant. According to Takashi Mochizuki, a journalist for The Wall Street Journal, Japan Display’s agreements with Nintendo do not involve a lot of money, as Switch occupies small, low-cost displays.

Nintendo represents a smaller share compared to Apple, which gradually leaves the liquid crystal displays in favor of OLED screens. This change was a blow to Japan Display, according to Mochizuki. Nintendo has yet to announce anything regarding this situation, which could significantly compromise the production of Switch. We will have to wait to find out more about the future of Japan Display and Nintendo’s emergency plans.

In news related to Switch, recently the demo of Monster Hunter XX debuted on the Japanese eShop. On the other hand, we already know the resolution and frame rate of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle.

Do you think Japan Display will manage to overcome its financial loss? Do you think this will affect Switch production? Share your opinion in the comments below.


  • LOL So, Nintendo would rather contract with 3DS component makers to make about 100 different SKU’s, instead of contracting with other suppliers for Switch! This is why Switch will be held back, if Nintendo would be more focused on Switch, they could easily sell 20 or more million systems, not this 10 they refuse to update, because they can’t get parts for it, but have no problem increase parts for yet ANOTHER 3DS system!

  • The 3ds has essentially, one of, if not THE greatest games library of a singular device. To not be continuing to make money of that would be far stupider than what you’re suggesting.

    Also you’re making this a bigger deal than it is. They don’t need to be selling millions now because that was never their plan. Their plan was a soft launch that gradually culminates at the end of the year (when Super Mario Odyssey drops). Rest assured, they can jack up production any time they feel like it. But there’s no point in doing it when your console doesn’t have a big library to begin with.

  • Might actually be a good thing when you think about it. They(Nintendo) would have struck this deal after the Wii U and before the Switch, i.e. when they were not exactly in a great spot. Now that companies know the Switch will sell quite well, there are probably a lot more screen suppliers who’d be wiling to work with Nintendo now as opposed to then.

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