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Nintendo Confirms A New Nindies Showcase Coming Next Week

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If you were not completely satisfied with the latest Direct, you should know that Nintendo has more games to announce for Switch. Earlier today, the company confirmed that there will be a new Nindies Showcase.

If you do not remember, it is a transmission where Nintendo shows part of the alignment of independent titles that will reach their systems. The company did not give many details of the new event but specified that we will see news for Switch.

If you want to know the next releases for the console, mark your calendar, as the Nindies Showcase Spring 2018 will be held next week. To be exact, the broadcast will take place on Tuesday, March 20 and will start at 9 AM PT.

You can follow the broadcast from the official Nintendo website, from its YouTube or Twitch channel. The company is expected to release new titles and confirm the release date of some others already confirmed to reach its hybrid console.

Independent games have had great success on Switch eShop, so it is not uncommon to know that even more titles of this type will reach the console. According to Goichi Suda, Nintendo has a genuine interest in the independent scene.

So, we can expect some interesting surprises in the Nindies Showcase Spring 2018. Visit this link to learn more about Switch, as details of the news that came with its 5.0.0 system version.

What independent titles would you like to see on the console? Tell us in the comments below.

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