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Nintendo Is Banning Switch Hackers, Affected Cannot Access Online Services

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Piracy is one of the most persistent problems in the industry, so it’s normal to know that companies take action to fight hackers. This is why Nintendo took the first step to sanction any user who tries to modify their Switch console.

According to a report, the company has started to ban some users of Switch’s online services. So, everything indicates that Nintendo has a strategy to stop at least the attempts of piracy related to its system. Some players have started receiving error code 2124-4007 when trying to use the online services of the hybrid console. In the message, you are told that you need to contact the Nintendo support department.

This error implies that it is not possible to access the online modes of the game catalog and that you cannot enter the eShop of the console to buy or download either full titles or demos. On the other hand, the prohibition also prevents interaction with friends and making any kind of publications. However, everything indicates that the update of downloaded games still works.

According to the aforementioned media, Nintendo has no plans to cancel this sanction to players who have incurred piracy issues. This is because their practices represent violations of the license agreement they previously accepted.

In related news, the company prepares the arrival of Nintendo Switch Online, a paid service that will not only allow you to play online, it will be accompanied by other extras such as classic games with new features.

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