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Nintendo 64 Trademark Approved in Europe

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In recent years one of the strongest trends in the industry has been that of everything related to retro experiences and in that sector, you must recognize the success of the Nintendo offer with its series of mini consoles. After the debut of the NES and SNES Classic Edition, fans are waiting for the next step considered logical, a Nintendo 64 Classic Edition and any information about it causes a stir around the world and there are important data in that regard.

In July of 2017, it was reported that Nintendo initiated the registration process of a brand related to the control of Nintendo 64 in the Intellectual Property Office of the European Union.

The documents of the legal process include an image with the design of the command of the console of 64-bit, which is similar to those previously registered in the cases of NES and SNES and that ended up being the official image of the mini consoles.

Well, today Business Insider revealed that the process of registration of the brand concluded successfully for the Japanese company on August 30, date from which the legal registration has come into force and, how could it be otherwise, fans are already beginning to speculate about the imminent arrival of a Nintendo 64 Classic Edition.

Could it be that we will soon know the next Nintendo mini console? What games would you like to see in a hypothetical Nintendo 64 Classic Edition? Tell us in the comments below.