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Vintage Retailers: Nintendo 64 Was The Hottest Selling Item In The US This Holiday

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All companies have fueled this trend of revaluation of games and consoles of past generations, but Nintendo has gone further with the launch of its mini consoles, Nes Classic Edition and SNES Classic Edition. Both retro systems have been very well received by the public around the world and with positive inertia, it is benefiting the Nintendo 64.

According to a report by Kotaku, this holiday season has been very good for the industry in terms of consoles and games and the second-hand market has also been favored as the demand for consoles and Nintendo 64 games has increased.

Cecilia D’Anastasio was given the task of researching in various second-hand gaming stores about the best selling hardware this season and the response of the owners was: Nintendo 64. Daniel Mastin, owner of the independent store of Video Games New York, reported that in the holiday season it has sold more than 100 units of Nintendo 64 and, according to its sales data, this could be the best year of sales in the history of the console since it was discontinued and was integrated into the second-hand market.

For his part, Josh Hamblin, collector, and seller of Portland, Oregon, stated that the demand and sales of Nintendo 64 in the United States increased this season and he attributes it to the age and purchasing power of today’s children during the life cycle of the Nintendo console.

According to Hamblin, there are currently adequate conditions for an old-school player to have an extra amount of money that allows him to acquire the consoles and games he enjoyed as a child. On the other hand, the collector and seller revealed that the price of the console in the second-hand market also increased as a result of the demand and currently each unit with basic colors is priced between $70 and $85 USD; but in the case of the Funtastic line or the special model of Pokémon with a Pikachu design, you must pay $150 USD or more.

Finally, the report states that players over the age of 30 years acquire most of the N64 units, but some store owners revealed that there is also a significant number of young players who are interested in the local multiplayer console and games like Mario Kart 64, Super Smash Bros., Mario Party and GoldenEye, to name a few.

For obvious reasons, at least in the North American market, the expectation has grown for a next installment of the Nintendo miniseries, whose next step should be a Nintendo 64 Classic Edition, but at the moment there is nothing official so we just have to wait at some point.

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