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Nintendo 64 Emulator download available on Xbox One

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Soon distancing from the NesBox, which does not seem destined to come out on consoles, we can now check another emulator on Windows 10 store, and this time it also seems running on Xbox One.


Not sure it’s strange to see an emulator for Nintendo 64 titles on PC, but it is unusual when one of these appears as apps on the Windows Store, and even more when it is also available for Xbox One. That’s how it seems going around with Win64e10, an application that is actually affordable on Windows Store at $9.99 and even among that the features is also usable on Xbox one, being a UWP compatible with both platforms.

It is not currently present on the web version of the Xbox Store, but according to reports from various users if you buy the PC version you can actually use the application even on Xbox one, although it is unclear whether it is necessary, for the moment, or to be part of the Preview program.

As always happens in these cases, the legal question is rather complicated: an emulator itself is perfectly legal, but the management of the ROM of games that can be loaded on the inside is a different matter, since the titles on which the rights are still in the hands of its rightful owners, and it is likely that and it is likely that Nintendo can be felt or otherwise that Microsoft would put limits to download and use this software to prevent any problems.

For the moment, however, the application seems to be affordable and easily available according to various testimonies also functioning (albeit with some problems) on Xbox One, but not having tested directly we can not confirm it.