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Nintendo Confirms That It Will Continue To Support Nintendo 3DS in 2018

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As much as Nintendo Switch is being an incredible console with an indisputable success, there are many who are concerned about a small detail: being the hybrid console and being able to act as a portable, will the Big N abandon its original portable console? Well, apparently not, because the company will continue to support Nintendo 3DS in 2018, and still has plans for the future.

Nintendo has confirmed that it will continue to support Nintendo 3DS during 2018, so the console will continue adding titles and sell it with Nintendo Switch.

Tatsumi Kimishima, the president of Nintendo, has explained in a recent interview to the Japanese newspaper Kyoto Shimbun that the company will continue to give support for Nintendo 3DS.

Kimishima explained that the console is reaching the sales targets that had been foreseen for the current fiscal year and that the console will continue to be commercialized normally during 2018.

With these statements, the executive confirms that Nintendo will keep the two platforms alive in the market, because several rumors suggested that the company could be planning to shelve Nintendo 3DS to focus all its efforts on Nintendo Switch as a hybrid console that will take over not only from Wii U but also from the portable consoles.