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Nintendo 3DS Sales “Lower” But It Will Remain in the Market During 2019

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Although its era of glory has already passed, the Nintendo 3DS is still in force and its different models remain in the market, after all, it is one of the consoles most appreciated by millions of players and its extensive catalog justifies its permanence. Obviously, since Switch debuted and faced with Nintendo’s decision not to remove a successor from its portable line, every year the question is the same, how much life is left to the 3DS? At least, during this year it will continue to remain with us.

The recent financial report of Nintendo gave a brief space to the news of the 3DS family and about Shuntaro Furukawa, general director of the Japanese company, who spoke about what will happen this year with the portable console of Nintendo. In that sense, the director said that, as has happened since the debut of Switch, Nintendo considers its portable console as a product whose function is to introduce new generations of players to the company’s offer and, at least during 2019, this situation will not change.

Subsequently, Furukawa acknowledged that sales of the 3DS family have declined significantly, however, mentioned that the expectations are stable: “Our plans for Nintendo 3DS sales this fiscal year are lower compared to the previous fiscal year, but the demand for Nintendo 3DS is stable and I expect steady sales as we continue to position it as an entry-level game system, differentiated from Nintendo Switch.”

So, we still have the opportunity to get some of the models that make up the 3DS line, although Nintendo confirmed a few days ago that there are no plans to launch first-party titles. Despite this, there is no denying that the Nintendo portable console remains a very interesting option, so if you have not enjoyed it, it is still time to do it.