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Nintendo President Considers Second Year for Switch As Important And Wants To Broaden the User Base

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The Japanese magazine Nikkei recently published an interview with the President and CEO of Nintendo, Tatsumi Kimishima, from whom some details of the company’s programs have emerged regarding Switch in particular, as well as the desire to extend support beyond 5-6 years of the life cycle.

This obviously involves a continuous commitment on the console, so after an unprecedented first year of high level even the second year is held in high regard by the CEO of Nintendo,

In that sense, Nintendo stated the following: “The second year is important. We want to broaden the user base so that popularity won’t slow down. We’re developing software that will make parents want to recommend their children to play with Switch. For example, with Nintendo Labo which was announced in January, we proposed a new way to play by connecting Switch with constructed cardboard models.”

The idea is, therefore, to continue on this part and explore further ways of playing. “There are various features in the controllers such as sensors. We want to expand sales by evolving the ways to play even further. The longer (the sales period) is, the better it will be,” Kimishima said.

Lastly, Kimishima was asked about his retirement to which he stated the following: “The most important thing for managers is timing. When Mr. Hiroshi Yamauchi retired, he left the following words: ‘We don’t know what will happen, but just do it with our own responsibility.’ And I think it’s exactly as he said. I’m always thinking about the timing of my retirement.”