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Ninja Warriors Again Coming To Nintendo Switch in 2019

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After announcing the Darius Cozmic Collection, Taito Corporation revealed Ninja Warriors Again (title tentative) for Nintendo Switch, coming in the course of 2019 as part of a process that will involve other company’s IPs in the future.

Ninja Warriors Again presents itself as a sliding 2D action game that incorporates the graphic style adopted for the original Ninja Warriors released in 1994 on Super Nintendo. Other details are not known at the time, on the pages of Famitsu, the CEO of Taito has confirmed that the company will bring back to life its most popular IP adapting them to the potential of modern platforms, as well as having planned new projects unpublished.

The strategy is to recover the major brands of the company to, thus, get them to be relevant to the public again. This points to the desire of Square Enix, which Taito acquired, to increase its catalog and variety of games.

Ninja Warriors Again was the original Japanese name of Ninja Warriors: New Generation (European title) of the title of Super Nintendo of 1994 and that was a remake of the original of 1987.

It may be the direct recovery of the classic or a more profound revision. As we know, in the magazine only one image has been published, which corresponds to the aesthetics of the 16-bit version, but it is still early to know if changes, novelties or revisions of aspects of the game are prepared.

Ninja Warriors Again is expected for 2019, it is not clear if the game is only for the digital market or if it will be published in retail format, we are waiting to learn more about the game.