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Fortnite Star Ninja: Sony Blocks PS4 Cross-Play Because of ‘Greed’

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Although the subject of cross-play and the position of Sony in this regard has suffered ups and downs, the popularity of Fortnite and its arrival to Switch revived the debate and criticism against the Japanese company. Recently, the popular streamer Ninja, who has become world famous thanks to Epic’s Battle Royale, spoke about it.

During the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 presentation event, Fortnite’s popular streamer, Ninja, was questioned about Sony’s decision not to enable cross-play for PS4 and thus allow its users to interact with Xbox One and Switch players.

In that sense, the streamer said: “It’s so bad, I mean, like, obviously I love Sony, I love PlayStation. I’ve been playing them my entire life. […] But, when push comes to shove, it’s a business decision. There’s a reason they’re not allowing players on the PlayStation to play with Xbox. And I mean — it’s just greed.”

Later, Ninja considered that Sony has a great opportunity to make history and take a big step and asked the company not to hinder the future of multiplayer in video games: “In my opinion, I think [Sony] can make a huge statement in gaming by allowing cross-platform across the board. They really can. They can change the game entirely. [Nintendo is] definitely coming around finally, and this is a huge stepping stone in the Nintendo scene, the fact that they allowed cross-platform. I just don’t like that there’s anything being withheld. It’s 2018. Everyone should be able to play with everyone.”

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