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Nike Nintendo 64 Sneakers Release Date & Price Revealed

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Last July it was reported that Nike was going to launch a new model of the legendary Air Max 97, only this time they were going to be inspired by one of the mythical Nintendo consoles: Nintendo 64. The truth is that, far from commenting if they reach a similarity with the console – they even have “Power and Reset” on the top, they look quite beautiful.

Well, after several months since they were unveiled, now we have been able to know officially when these Nike Nintendo 64 will arrive on the market and what will be their final starting price. Well, it seems that they will debut in a few days, on September 25, doing so in turn at a price of $170.

Taking into account that Nintendo 64 has conceived during its life outstanding games that have gone down in history, it is not surprising that many players who have squeezed the console to the maximum want now, and can, take the opportunity to get an edition of it in slippers version.

The colors have the same range as the standard Nintendo 64 models, with gray for the base and red, blue, green and yellow alluding to those of the control of the machine. In addition, there is additional three points, such as the entry of the ports for controls on Nintendo 64, the Air Max logo on the back mimics the Nintendo design and, to top it off, the templates have a printed image imitating the ESRB code.

For now, it remains to be seen if these Nike Air Max 97 Nintendo 64 manage to reach fans or not, since in just a few days they will be available in the market.

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