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NightCry, a spiritual successor to Clock Tower, available in this spring on PC

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The new horror game from the creator of the Clock Tower, Hifumi Kouno, is already ready to go on sale. After several months of development and having an incredible support from fans, today the Japanese creator has announced that its new horror draft game called, NightCry, will be released in the spring of this year.

NightCry Game Screenshot

Through a new update within the Kickstarter page of the project, Kouno revealed the prices of the packages in which NightCry game will be available through Steam and PLAYISM. Namely, the horror title with point and click gameplay that is created will have a price of $25 in single digital download, $40 with a downloadable copy of the soundtrack, $50 including all the above plus a book of digital art, and $60 with the Deluxe package which includes all the above plus a PDF with arts of Storyboard live action trailer for the game made ​​by Takashi Shimizu.

Night Cry is a horror game that takes place on a cruise where, while standing in the middle of the ocean at night without electricity, several murders begin to occur. The player will try to save himself, the other passengers and look for the answer to what is happening on the boat, using several key players, not just one. The game is being developed under the direction of Hifumi Kono, former head turn of the first two Clock Tower. Foreseen originally for mobile and PS Vita, the project has also had a successful Kickstarter for PC.

After the feedback received by users who got the opportunity to test the title in alpha demo on February 1, the studio has announced that the version that will first hit the market is going to be on PC, confirmed for release this spring. The game can now be preordered via Steam and PLAYISM.

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