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NieR: Automata on Xbox One Has A “Fake” HDR, Apparently

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Among the new features of NieR: Automata – Become as Gods Edition, in addition to the additional content and increased resolution for Xbox One X, there is also the implementation of HDR.

The problem is that, according to some in-depth analyzes done by some users and reported on ResetEra, it seems that this implementation is quite flawed.

Apparently, there is no trace of the brightness peaks that should characterize a correct use of HDR, with the image that barely reaches 150 nits in some sequences, thus remaining far from the moments of maximum expression of the high dynamic range, which focuses on the extreme contrast and on points of very strong light to create its impressive effect.

The general image of NieR: Automata – Become as Gods Edition, on the other hand, seems to be characterized by a generally low contrast, with the possibility of reaching 600 nits but always maintaining a rather displaced brightness. So much so, by turning off the HDR, it seems that the game returns to have a greater contrast and a liveliness of superior image.

Based on the findings of the user in question, it seems that the entire game has been processed quite quickly by making a direct conversion from SDR to HDR, expanding the image from 8 to 10-bit but without actually extending the range of color and brightness that would be right for the HDR.

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