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Nier Automata Producer Teases New Game Announcement Coming Soon

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Yoko Taro has been working on a mysterious production for many months. The creator of NieR Automata and Drakengard series will soon reveal his new game in the near future.

Saito Yosuke, Yoko Taro and Taura Takahisa appeared on a special broadcast of V Jump/Famitsu to talk about, among others, their future projects. Among the topics there was a discussion about Dragon Quest XI, Astral Chains, but also the topic of the new game of Yoko Taro was raised.

The situation is interesting because the event organizers made sure that only selected players get the chance to listen to the “teaser” – during the broadcast a conversation is available to everyone, and then the guests will speak in the Premium program for members who pay for access to materials.

At one point Saito Yosuke (producer of NieR) mentioned the new title and asked Yoko about the new production:

There were so many things I wanted to talk about, like Yoko’s new game.


I really wanna talk about it…

Is there such a thing?

Yes, there is…! I wanna talk!! I wanna talk!! I wanna talk!!

Everybody’s curious!

NieR port on Switch? DOD4? FFXIV?

Well, Square Enix can talk about it if they want.

You can talk about it at the next opportunity, don’t you think?


The next opportunity?

Saito V:
So, when Yoko-san is able to talk about it will be on the next Game Neighborhood Meeting By the Well.

Yeah, so on the next Game Neighborhood Meeting By the Well, Yoko-san can talk about his new game, and instead of Saito V as the MC, GEMSCOMPANY can do that.

You’d might as well make a separate broadcast for that then.

Like GEM-COM TV or something.

Then Saito explained that at the next broadcast, the creators would be able to talk about the title, and Taura even mentioned a separate broadcast that would be focused exclusively on the title.

Of course, it is difficult to say whether we can count on a new NieR Automata Sequel, but it is worth remembering that the recent adventure was appreciated by players around the world, recording a great result, so it’s difficult to expect Square Enix to let it go.