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NieR: Automata gameplay duration is more than 25 hours

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Square Enix continues to reveal more information about Nier: Automata, and now the producer Yosuke Saito, talked about the time it will take to finish the adventure and the side quest that will accompany the full title.

NieR Automata

In recent years the listed Platinum Games has been involved in a lot of different developments, both franchises already established in the middle as in their own work and sagas. Among these projects we find Nier: Automata, sequel of Nier, a title under the signature of Square-Enix for next generation of consoles.

During an interview with DualShockers, Saito commented that, prior to Gamescom 2016, the game would last near to 25 hours, but back to Japan, the team said it will take longer to get to the endpoint.

Likewise, he also stated that it will not be necessary to perform all the secondary missions to complete the game, but there will be multiple endings, so if players want to see the true conclusion, they should probably invest time in the side quest.

Nier: Automata will have simple side missions where you must find an object, but also have some complex targets, with several chapters that develop a broader story.

In related information, Square Enix said that Nier: Automata could reach to Xbox One or Nintendo NX, this if the title turns out to be a success worldwide. At the moment, we know that NieR: Automata will come to PlayStation 4 and PC in early 2017.

Nier Automata is the direct result of the previous chapter (known as Nier), taking place in a post apocalyptic world, placed after the final quarter of the predecessor.