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Nier: Automata 15 Minutes of Gameplay Video Revealed

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Thanks to YouTube channel of Arnots HD Gaming we can see new playable sequences of Nier: Automata, the next and most awaited project of PlatinumGames in collaboration with Square Enix.

Nier Automata Screenshot

If the gameplay trailer of E3 2016 was not enough and and even if the fight with the boss always shown on the same occasion, we see this new game of the movie, produced by YouTube Channel Arnots HD Gaming, taken from the E3 demo, and commented on by the director Taro Yoko, it was revealed how you will control one character at a time which is the great part of the game.

What we show here belongs to a retransmission held during E3 where its director, Taro Yoko, tells us everything we see in it. This show takes place in a desert area and allows us to have a look at both of its combat system and its technical section.

Nier: Automata is set in a devastated, apocalyptic Earth and shows intense fighting between Android Yorha units, created by humans, against a number of organisms-machine aliens forcing humanity to leave Earth and flee to the moon. At some point, they meet a greater enemy – but this is not the boss. To make it easier to battle, the character must destroy the weak points of a robot.

Nier began in 2010 as a spin-off series of Drakengard, putting on a similar mix of action and RPG elements. We remind you that Nier: Automata is an exclusive title for the PlayStation 4 that will arrive early next year.

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