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Nier: Automata 1.03 patch download available on PS4 before Western release

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Although Nier: Automata is not yet available in Europe, the Japanese edition of the game has been updated to 1.03 version: the new patch fixes some minor bugs and changes the name of the controversial object of “NIN64” junk, involuntary (?) as the famous Nintendo 64.

PlatinumGames has updated Nier: Automata for PS4 to version 1.03, this change was necessary to solve some bugs, if you attempted to play the game before the completion of downloading all the data.

Nier: Automata is not out yet in the West, but in Japan it is available for several days. For this, Platinum Games  has started to update the title with patches and updates; the last, in fact, updates the game to version 1.03. The update fixes some bugs, as usual, but above all, settles a controversial subject that has caused the ire of many fans of Japan.

Discovered by a member of 4chan, the object “NIN64” junk has sparked the ire of some fans, arousing the suspicion that the name “NIN64” associated with the type of “junk” was found as a veiled reference offensive to the Nintendo 64. There are other people, however, who believe that it is simply a corruption of MIM-46, a missile launcher in use in the 50’s year. In fact, the ingame object icon, actually reminds one of those weapons.

To dispel any doubts, Platinum Games has decided to change the name of the object in the more generic form as “Broken Firerarm”.

Recall that Nier Automata will be released in Europe in the next month on March 7 in the US and in Europe on March 10 on PS4, the PC release has not been announced so far.

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