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Nicalis Teases “New And Exciting Surprises” Coming This Week

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With a message posted on Twitter, the publisher Nicalis said that it will make new announcements this week, anticipating the arrival of several interesting news. What can we expect from the publisher of The Binding of Isaac?

As you can see in the tweet at the bottom of the page, the publisher confined itself to confirming the arrival of new announcements this week, but without going into further details. At the moment, therefore, we have no clue about the news that Nicalis could reveal, so we can only rely on its speculations about it.

Considering that the publisher in question has already dealt with indie titles like Cave Story, The Binding of Isaac and VVVVVV, we wonder if Nicalis is not thinking about some porting or remastered versions of the games published in the past, maybe with the intention of bringing them on current gen consoles.

The company could also confirm the arrival of Runner3 also in Europe on Steam and Nintendo Switch, but to know with certainty we will have to wait for the next few days. Seeing the good reception that their titles have had on the Nintendo platforms in general, it was expected that the company will continue its support for Nintendo Switch.

Since Nicalis tweets refer to “new and surprises” in the plural, we can expect several announcements related to upcoming games coming from the publisher. What do you expect? Tell us in the comments below.