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Nexus Mods Will Launch “Mod Author Donation System’ in 2018

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The mods are always grateful for the community and praised for the work they have in the background from the hand of their creatives, who do not always receive compensation accordingly. Nexus Mods, one of the best-known modification download platforms, takes action on the matter.

Robin Scott, the owner of the site, has said that he has been trying to integrate a donation system for some time and that they have been thinking about how to avoid taking advantage of the system. He does not think that anyone is going to leave his job because of it, but it can be used to give a small reward to people who dedicate their time to create mods.

The system will work like this: every month Nexus Mods will put between 5,000 and 10,000 dollars to which the donations of the users will be added. At the end of the month, all the money will be added and transformed into Donation Points (DP), at a rate of 1,000 DP for each dollar.

The Donation Points will be distributed proportionally to the number of downloads (a mod with 14 files counts as a download, for example) from the web among the users that decide to be part of the system, that will have to be registered; the system will not add anyone by default. Through a special store, modders can redeem the points accumulated for money on PayPal, Amazon gift cards, games and other content.

According to Scott, steps are being taken to prevent fraud, such as distributing the points three months later in case there are copyright claims in that time. The system will be implemented during the first quarter of 2018 and they expect to receive feedback until then to improve the system.

Thus, the Nexus Mods team not only wants to incentivize the creatives and compensate for their work but also to contribute to continuing making creations.