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Next series of Pokémon could come to Nintendo Switch in future, according to the Producer

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Junichi Masuda, producer of Pokemon Sun and the Moon, was recently interviewed by Meristation and on this occasion he expressed his opinion about the possible arrival of the monsters on Nintendo Switch.

The series of games based on the popular Pokemon saga will almost certainly land on Nintendo’s new hardware, Switch, however, the process will not be simple and Game Freak will have to carefully evaluate the various aspects in order to allow the games to exploit the potential offered by the console.

Will Pokemon come on Switch? For this interesting question, Masuda responded with these words: “Without a doubt, the Nintendo Switch is the future, but we’ll have to wait until it comes out on the market and study how Pokémon can benefit from it. When the people have it, we’ll have to see and deeply study how it’s used in order to then think about how the next entries of Pokémon will be and how the saga will be able to benefit from this new console.”

The hope of seeing the famous creature on the new hardware of Nintendo is undoubtedly very high considering that Switch is in fact a hybrid platform that can be used as portable and as a home console device.

According to some recent rumors, in fact, Game Freak would be currently working on Switch versions of Pokemon Sun and Moon (code-named as Pokemon Stars) with output expected by the end of 2017. However, Masuda did not comment on this rumor.