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Next Game of Remedy will be multiplatform; Northlight Engine to be ported for PS4

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Remedy has announced that it is working to convert the Northlight engine (the engine used for Quantum Break) on the PlayStation 4. The engine will be used as the basis for the next project of the company, known by the codename of “P7” which is coming on “a large amount of platforms”, as stated today by the Finnish team.

No details have been emerged about P7, the company was keen to specify that the Engine optimization for PlayStation 4 is linked exclusively to the new project and does not feed in any way the possibility of porting Quantum Break for the console of Sony.

An update on its official website mentions that “Remedy is also working on a game project codenamed P7. The company’s strategy is to release the game on a wider range of platforms, which is why Remedy is developing its Northlight technology also for PlayStation 4 consoles.”

Little or nothing is known about this game, although Remedy has expressed its desire to experiment with the multiplayer and cooperative.

“With that in mind, we have opened a position for a network developer, who will be at the heart of the development and configuration of Northwave’s multiplayer technology and features,” the studio explained last year.

Remedy has also revealed to be working on the story mode of Crossfire 2, title developed in collaboration with the Korean publisher SmileGate.